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Eine frohe Weihnachtszeit & einen guten Start in 2022 wünscht Ihnen Ihr Team von MagEs Zahnersatz & MagEstic Aligner.

Dear practice team,

Have you been thinking about adding aligner splints to the service portfolio of your practice for a long time? So far, you haven't had the time to deal with the many alternative providers in detail? 

The market for aligner providers is large. Prerequisites and conditions are confusing, the costs are not transparent.

Would you like further information or personal advice? 

Talk to us on 06021 - 494 07 06, or send us a message using our contact form. We look forward to you!

We have decided to make working with our customers as simple and straightforward as possible.

We advise & help - instead of costly advance certifications.

We are at your side in every phase of the cooperation with words and deeds. Especially at the beginning, we advise you how and for which cases an aligner therapy is appropriate in your practice. We train you in our online portal. There is no course with fee-based tests or certifications that entitle you to use our aligner portal.

We are flexible.

With us you neither need a specific impression material nor a specified intraoral scanner. You can send us your analog impressions. We take care of the model production and digitization. Of course, you can also send us scan data from all providers.


Annemone Mages & das gesamte Team


PS: Wir freuen uns ab dem 3. Januar wieder für Sie da sein zu dürfen.

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